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The foster school project is an effort to give quality education to all children of school-going age from the economically weaker sections of the population, so that they will also become equipped to compete with others in areas of higher education. Vast differences in opportunities for education has been a national problem for which no one has found a proper solution.

The resources are insufficient to meet the school education requirements for 400 million Indian children in the age group of 0 to 18. Every person in this country who had the benefit of good education should feel responsible to help in solving this problem. The education programme for the masses can move in the right direction if the Foster School Movement can be strengthened.

Under this programme, a well equipped and financially strong Mother School, fosters an ill-equipped and undeveloped school and gives it all the requirements to offer quality education. The mother school should build proper class rooms, if needed equip the class rooms with furniture for teachers and students and provide all the infrastructure facilities like lights, fans, black boards, toilets, drinking water etc. The mother school should also provide all the needs of the children, by way of uniforms, notebooks, textbooks, writing materials, learning perquisites etc which can be listed out depending on the needs of the school and children . The teachers and students from the mother school should assist the foster school by helping the students in their studies and also through a programme for interaction. This will enable the foster school children to gain the required confidence in their abilities.

Where people have no work, no proper food, shelter or clothes, where the income of the family is inadequate to make both ends meet, education of the children becomes the first casualty. Such parents too, have aspirations and hopes of seeing their children educated and blossoming into working people in some good job. But most of these young ones – some of them are very bright – see themselves in a hopeless and helpless situation and in course of time may fall by the way side. Many a healthy bud never blossoms due to lack of sunlight. So let the well-established ‘Mother Schools’ try to give them their needs and help them to grow up as educated citizens. Every educated child is an asset to the nation in its march to economic development. Fired with hopes and determination and supported in their education, these boys and girls can chart out unexplored paths in their quest for progress. Let the good schools be the catalysts, helping in the process.


The Corporation Middle School, Jayalaxmipuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has classes from 1 to 8 and a total strength of 140 students with only 4 teachers to teach them. Of the 4 teachers, one is the Headmistress of the school.

The school has four classrooms which are shared by students from all classes. Each classroom has 2 classes, being conducted simultaneously by a single teacher. The students of Classes 1 to 6 do not have desks and benches and sit on the floor. There is no Library or Laboratory and the classes do not have either fans or lights. The class rooms are in a dilapidated condition with cracked walls and asbestos roofs.


The then Existing Structure of the School

The Building as constructed by the UCA in Corporation Middle School, Nungambakkam

Union Christian Association studied the requirements, lack of facilities, funding and other problems faced by Corporation Schools in Chennai and selected the corporation middle school, Nungambakkam as their Foster School. With donations from the parents of the students of the UCA Mat. Hr. Sec. School and with bulk contributions from the UCA, UCA has constructed a building and also alloted the services of two teachers to the corporation middle school. The corporation middle school is now very happy and the poor students are taken well care of.

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